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Who Are we?

Digisnipers is the leading digital marketplace for Pokemon GO accounts. We are based in China, but we do accept clients from all over the world.

Why Buy on a Chinese website ?

Our founders are located in China, but we do offer the best selection of high quality accounts across the world.

Why Is Your Service Different

All the accounts you are seeing on the website were hand gathered as there is no way to bot in Pokemon GO.
We display the complete informations on every account so you can choose wisely before purchasing.
Our customer support team work around the clock. We make sure to answer any inquiry you might have within 24 hours.

Fraud Protection

Our fraud protection system evaluates the transaction and the transaction risk rate.
If the transaction is rated as "High Risk", it will be immediately blocked.

Contact Us

Business Inquiries & Partnerships: admin@digisnipers.com
Support & Sale Inquiries : support@digisnipers.com

Do not contact us directly on : sale@digisnipers.com

Company Name: R3FLEX LTD
Registered Place: United Kingdom
Company Registeration Number: 11530132